By working through personal experiences and conflicts, we as peace workers are able to simultaneously elicit a transformation within our surrounding societies. On the one hand, we develop an attitude that is immediately palpable within families, organizations and politics. On the other hand, we become enabled to envision alternative courses of action within conflict transformation.The teachings of Innsbruck are carried into different projects and various fields of work such as non-governmental organizations (NGO`s), governmental organisations, (international) politics, field work such as humanitarian aid and disaster relief as well as in the field of human rights, as a mediator, and in counseling and supervision, to name only a few.

The program does not end after obtaining the Master’s degree, but continues in the daily life of every individual. We often call the members of the program “Peace Family”, also because in many cases the contact does not end after the end of the studies, lifelong friendships and a variety of projects are built. This is fostering global connection, especially because people from all over the world study and teach at the courses offered at Innsbruck University.

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