By supporting the Peace Studies Fund, you directly strengthen personalities that carry their potentials towards their local context. Education is a seed that grows endlessly. It fosters participation, ownership and joint global learning as it is nourished by the student’s own resources. Many of our students go on to work for organizations like the International Committe of the Red Cross (ICRC), Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), the United Nations (UN), or to work in universities, or even as self-employed peace and conflict worker, using the skills and competencies gained in this program to enrich and embolden their potential.

As a Peace Studies Fund supporter, you open a space for unfolding at the roots of conflict and peace, which – as the UNESCO Manifesto states – lies in the mind of (wo)man. The funding will lead to the academic participation of students whose voices otherwise could not contribute and therefore foster a diverse academic landscape in the field of peace and conflict studies. We believe that through ensuring a diverse landscape this program can foster seeds of peace throughout all corners of the world.

Tuition fee

The Master’s program „Peace Studies“ in Innsbruck is associated with costs. Besides travel costs, equipment for field training, visa and other formalities, each student has to pay 5,000 €* per semester: 1,900 € for the tuition, 1,550 € for accommodation and 1,550 € for eight weeks full board (*the costs are currently calculated anew, tuition fee decreased to 726.72 EUR for non-EU citizens). This sum often makes continuing the program a challenge. The Peace Studies Fund has set itself the goal of covering the tuition fees for two students each semester. This means that we would like to reach a donation sum of 1.453,44 € twice a year. And for this we need your support!

Ways to donate

There are several ways to support us in this goal.

You can make a one-time or regular donation to our association’s bank account:

Peace Studies Fund e.V.
GLS Community Bank eG
IBAN: DE89 4306 0967 4117 1033 00

We are a non-profit organization registered in Germany. Donations to us are therefore tax deductible in Germany. If you would like to receive a donation receipt, please include your address and email in the reason for transfer, or send us an additional email. We will gladly send you the confirmation and then delete your data.

In the case of donations of up to 200 EUR the basic donation receipt in conjunction with your bank statement will serve as a tax declaration. In case of donations of more than 200 EUR we can provide you with a full donation receipt with which your contribution is tax deductible.

Another way to donate is by direct debit. Please fill out our donation form (incl. SEPA mandate) and send it signed either scanned to or by mail to Peace Studies Fund e.V., Concordiastr. 21, 96049 Bamberg, Germany.

We are also collecting donations on betterplace.

We are extremely grateful for every financial support – no matter how big or small.

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