Partner Initiatives

The Peace Studies Fund e.V. is one of several initiatives founded by alumni and students of the MA Program for Peace Studies in Innsbruck.

Many Peaces Magazine

The Many Peaces Magazine is a platform to share how the Many Peaces are put into practice by people around the world. We collect stories, thoughts, projects, and ideas to form articles that are published on our platforms. Our aim is to create a versatile and colorful medium to exchange, learn, and raise awareness, as well as to elicit joy, hope and a sense of connection between all the people who are working towards bringing the Many Peaces to life.

Article on the Idea behind the Peace Studies Fund in the Many Peaces Magazine

Peace Elicits

The Peace Elicits are a travelling, international and multicultural collective of peace facilitators, researchers, scholars and advocators. Building upon the Transrational Peace Philosophy we regularly create spaces for personal and collective transformation and unfolding – the Peace Elicits. On the one hand Peace Elicits offer for any participants who are interested in conflict transformation and peace work to discover, explore, express and share transrational dimensions of peaces. On the other hand Peace Elicits offer opportunities for (prospective) elicitive peace workers to play and experiment with their facilitation skills, tools and methods and to foster them.


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