We are open to everyone supporting us with ideas and knowledge as we believe in the strength of the community in sharing and developing concepts. So please do not hesitate to give us feedback, share ideas and approach us if you want to work with us.

From our side, we could imagine asking for the following ways to support:

  1. You want to organize a charity event such as a lecture, a dinner, a party?
  2. Do you know about potential donors? Family, friends, acquaintances that might want to contribute?
  3. You know a foundation, a public donor or another institution that supports projects such as ours? Help us with your hint!
  4. You heard of a project call, where the Fund may be eligible for application?
  5. You would like to help writing applications for funding? You have some experience and want to proofread our applications?

If you are willing to contribute in any way please…

…mail us for ideas:

…like us on Facebook:

…spread the word!

…join our Fund if you like!

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